COOLTURE is a brand that represents the partnership developed by a pool of professionals in different fields. The team, united by passion and competence, is able to create, develop and manage cultural projects that can also become instruments of communication and education both for Institutions and Companies.

Since 2006 it designs, manages and develops to the public didactic activities of scientific divulgation.

Business project dedicated to cultural curatorship and planning of activities both for Institutions and Companies.

Communication and design agency specialized in 3D modelling, graphic design, advertising campaigns, development of mobile apps and augmented reality.

Cultural Projects

Thanks to a consolidated experience with cultural planning, cultural management, curatorship and divulgation, we work to plan, develop and manage cultural activities through our complementary competences.


We plan and develop temporary and permanent exhibitions


We plan and manage scientific and cultural didactic activities thanks to our specialised staff.


Augmented reality, virtual reality, playful interactive installations.


We support your integrated communication, with press office activities and media relations, social and viral marketing campaign.



We manage and curate cultural activities for Museums, Parks, Archives, Foundations,..


We rent our exhibitions and all of our edutainment projects.

corporate communication

We offer a professional support with your integrated communication, with press office activities and media relations, social and viral marketing campaigns. We can offer creative video, cutting hedge photo shoots and much more…


Exhibits integrated with the aesthetic values of Companies, to enhance their identity.


Stands developed not only to communicate the product, but the Company identity and history, to add value through an interactive and engaging storytelling.


Mobile apps and much more, made unique thanks to the use of innovative technologies such as Augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D.


We plan and manage Company events, especially "Family Days".